We are proud to be Green Gold Enviroschool. We are committed to the sustainability of Aotearoa NZ, all members of our learning community play an active part in respecting each other, the environment and our resources.

The Enviroschools Foundation is a charitable trust which began in 2003 and provides leadership, support and opportunities that empower children and young people to work in intergenerational ways to create healthy, peaceful and resilient communities. The Enviroschools programme is about the well-being of the whole centre, the community and the eco-system and has strong links to the early childhood curriculum Te Whariki. By being an Enviroschool, children at Swannanoa Preschool are learning lifelong skills which will enable them to protect and care for their environment and each other.

Some of our every day practices which are environmentally sustainable include:

  • Recycle rain water for play
  • Planting, caring for and harvesting the garden
  • Encouraging rubbish free lunch boxes
  • Composting food through the 'bokashi' method
  • Feeding the worms in our worm farm
  • Making paper bricks
  • Using our produce for baking and selling to families
  • And many, many moreā€¦